10 Mobile Business Apps Target Analytics, Productivity and More

, November 07, 2012 The mobility game isn't just for consumer apps anymore. We share mobile business apps from 10 startups that can help drive sales, leverage analytics and streamline team communication.
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COMPANY: LUA Technologies

MISSION: To coordinate communications among teams in industries historically served by walkie-talkies and two-way radios.


A comprehensive collaboration suite with a simple, attractive GUI, Lua offers a platform for better team communication and project management. The app routes texts, images, emails, and other enterprise communications through a platform that segregates your team’s communications from those of other teams and your personal contacts. Lua has started to gain traction among Hollywood movie studios and concert venues. It offers the ability to link teammates as they carry out roles across a medium to wide geographic area, and is especially helpful for individuals who might serve in more than one capacity during the course of an event.

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