13 Must Have Android Tools For IT

, September 14, 2011 Put your Android phone to work with these handy utilities.
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If it were an all windows world, then PocketCloud would be all I'd need. But when I manage Unix servers, I prefer a CLI instead. Connectbot is a SSH client for Android. It can also access the local shell as well. Connectbot works extremely well as a terminal. The font size can be changed, the terminal handles colors, and all of your favorite shell commands available. Control keys like Control and Escape are available as well as a soft keyboard, though if I find a hard keyboard is more useable than Android's soft keyboard. Using screen based apps like Emacs has some special problems such as extensive use of the CTRL and ESC keys. Connectbot puts them on the touch screen so they are accessible when you need them. Connectbot also saves host profiles, including font sizes and other options.

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