A Snapshot of IPv6 for World IPv6 Launch Day

, June 06, 2012 Celebrate World IPv6 Launch day with facts, figures, insights and more to help you plan for that inevitable IPv6 migration.
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Of the organizations running IPv6, the majority of the deployments are in the network core and for publicly available resources. ARIN CEO John Curran has said, "A request for a public Web service is a request for an IPv6 service." And that makes sense. If your organization wants to be relevant on the Internet, you might as well start adding IPv6 to your public-facing services. You can do this using a dual-stack technology where your servers, load balancers, firewalls or whatever the public connects to runs both IPv4 and IPv6 simultaneously.

If you're using a load balancer, you can run dual-stack IPv4 and IPv6 on it, and use address translation for your existing IPv4 resources. If you start now, you can iron out any transitional problems before they become mission critical.

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