A Snapshot of IPv6 for World IPv6 Launch Day

, June 06, 2012 Celebrate World IPv6 Launch day with facts, figures, insights and more to help you plan for that inevitable IPv6 migration.
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The good folks at the University of California, San Diego Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis (CAIDA, for most of us), created the IPv4 and IPv6 AS Core AS-Level Internet Graph in 2010, showing, on the left, the interconnections between autonomous systems (AS) via IPv4, and IPv6 on the right. Autonomous systems in this graph correspond, roughly, to ISPs. The IPv6 graph looks sparse, but that's because of the relatively few networks running IPv6.

Researchers found an 84% growth from 2009 to 2010 in IPv6 AS, compared with 22% growth in IPv4 during the same period. The growth is relative: The IPv6 AS grew by 433 new IPv6 autonomous systems in 2010, compared with about 5,000 for IPv4--but growth is growth.

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