A Snapshot of IPv6 for World IPv6 Launch Day

, June 06, 2012 Celebrate World IPv6 Launch day with facts, figures, insights and more to help you plan for that inevitable IPv6 migration.
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Despite the notification that IPv4 is nearing the end of its useful life, few organizations are actually moving to IPv6. Only 13% of respondents to an InformationWeek survey are running IPv6 at all, and 23% are looking at another year or two before embarking on an IPv6 migration.

The bulk of enterprises, 38%, have no IPv6 deployment plans. None. It makes you wonder what they'll do when forced to move to IPv6. Granted, there are a number of Henny Pennys pointing to the sky but, as yet, nothing has fallen. If you fall into that group, I'd suggest you start figuring out what to do now so when your IPv6 migration won't be a fire drill.

Moving to IPv6 need not be that big of a deal. The basics are very much like IPv4, with some new twists. Our IPv6 Networking Resources page is a good place to start learning about IPv6.

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