IoT On The Network: Think Security

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In this episode of Network Matters with Ethan Banks, learn about what the Internet of Things means to you, your network, and your business. Ethan explains how IoT is significant and why security is the main consideration when it comes to the network.

Ethan is the co-host of the Future of Networking Summit at Interop Las Vegas. Learn more about the conference program or register for Interop, May 2-6 in Las Vegas.


Basically its super-critical that Enterprises test everything


Great Vblog!

What you are basically saying here is this-Its very,very important that Enterprises test and re-test each and every piece of their Infrastructure to make sure all IoT Devices are safe before they are plugged in.

Great point!

It reminds about the massive security issue around Baby Monitors last year.

That was a great story on how IoT Adoption needs to be handled with care.

Re: Basically its super-critical that Enterprises test...

Agreed, the video raised a great point. It will be a challenge to segregate data in a few areas. For instance, in logistics and package tracking, businesses take great pride in their ability to provide their clients with real-time tracking data.