10 Software-Defined Networking Architectures

, September 27, 2013 Software-defined networking is a hot topic for debate in the industry. Experts argue about the best way to implement it, the ways it might affect network engineers and administrators, and how it might disrupt the traditional power structure in the networking industry. While there are a lot of opinions about this emerging technology, there's one inescapable fact: SDN has brought new attention and innovation to the network. To get a view into the various approaches to SDN, we asked 10 vendors to supply images and short descriptions of their SDN technology. While there's some marketing fluff in some of the write-ups, the images provide a window into the wide range of technical approaches to SDN.
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NEC ProgrammableFlow Networking Suite

NEC ProgrammableFlow Networking Suite is an OpenFlow-based SDN system designed to provide better utilization of IT assets, enable network-wide virtualization and allow enterprises to deploy, control and monitor multi-tenant network infrastructure. NEC's ProgrammableFlow Controller is built on OpenFlow 1.0, with OpenFlow 1.3 on the roadmap, and sports a list of compatible software ranging from DoS attack mitigation to QoS to VRRP. NEC has committed code to the open source Open Daylight program and demonstrated interoperability at Interop, PlugFest and ONS with Arista, Brocade, Centec, Dell, Extreme and IBM gear.

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