10 Nerdy Gifts For Networking Pros

, December 02, 2013 Does your favorite IT guy or gal have just about every Dr. Who, Star Wars or Star Trek collectible known to man? Are you looking for something a little different for that geeky loved-one or fellow cube-dweller? Have no fear, Network Computing has come to the rescue with this year's ultimate IT gift guide. We've got a range of gifts appropriate for stocking stuffers, gift exchanges, employee appreciation gifts and just plain old fun gifts for roommates or family members.
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IRIS 9000


Would you like to have Siri at your beck and call without needing to hold your iPhone? Do you want to be able to shout at Siri from across the room? The IRIS 9000 Bluetooth Speaker and Speakerphone can help. Simply dock the phone and use the provided remote to activate Siri from a distance. The unit has a built-in mic and amplifier to ask questions without having the phone directly in front of you. An eerie red LED eye flashes in time with Siri's voice, just like HAL.

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