• 10/23/2015
    9:00 AM
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Docker: Love It Or Leave It? 6 Things To Consider

Docker is taking the IT world by storm, but before enterprises add it to their 2016 roadmaps there are a few things they should understand -- and a few things they should be worried about.


Docker expertise

Hi Stephanie -- Thanks for this great list of Docker considerations. These are all really important factors for enterprises to weigh, especially security. Regarding Docker expertise, are there many resources for IT pros to get training?

Docker acquisition

I'm also curious about your thoughts on Docker's acquisition of Tutum and if that impacts enterprise considerations.

point of information

"Containers are lighter than VMs"

...except, of course, for unikernels -- which are more specialized and more secure.

Re: point of information

Every company has the need and capability in their IT infrastructure to move applications from one location to another, but the capability to do so is still extremely limited.