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6 Data and Analytics Deals that Changed the Game in 2019

Artificial Intelligence
(Source: Pixabay)

The data and analytics marketplace looks a lot different entering 2020 than it did at the beginning of 2019. This market, which includes data, data management, analytics, business intelligence, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other related technologies is a hot one. Just about every CIO has at least one of these technologies deployed or on their wish lists.

The more advanced technologies are more challenging to deploy, an opportunity that has been recognized by technology vendors that are working through their own digital transformations of their product and service portfolios.

One of the most visible places to witness this market shift over the last year has been among data and analytics related vendors. Whether it's a big cloud company with data, analytics, and AI as part of its platform, or a smaller platform provider looking to add features and functions to its existing portfolio, there were several major acquisitions in 2019.

Breaking them down, some themes emerge. Vendor organizations recognize that data and analytics workloads are going to the cloud. Streaming and real-time data, and analytics are key technologies that featured in a few of these acquisitions, too. Artificial intelligence is also a key area for investment. There's also an effort among those who have the machine learning and data management components to add in the business intelligence piece of the puzzle to the portfolio of services and products they offer.

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