• 08/26/2014
    8:06 AM
    Crystal Bedell
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Cloud Storage: How To Pick A Provider

When it comes to enterprise cloud storage, there's no shortage of providers. Here's what you need to consider in order to make the right choice.


Great points!

Great article, I think you've nailed all the key points.  Many folks forget about what happens with their data during disaster recovery and even if they switch providers, so nice to see these aspects covered.  As for security, absolutely, with cloud storage encryption is key!

Re: Great points!
I love the picture in blog, one which presents server in security seems one of the bullet points during selection of CsP.

Is there any advice on switching provider? I've wanted to shop around for a while now, but I'm wary of having to re-upload everything we've backed up already, leaving the data vulneerable during the process or forcing me to temporarily pay for two services.

BAA BAA, black sheep...

As another regulatory compliance matter, it may be necessary to go with a provider whose services offer a liability-accepting BAA (Business Associate Agreement) that complies with HIPAA and/or other applicable regulations your company/industry may be subject to.

Re: BAA BAA, black sheep...

Good point Joe, I believe the rules regarding business associates for providers serving health care organizations became more stringent with the HITECH Act in 2009. Not sure how much enforcement is actually being conducted, though.

Re: BAA BAA, black sheep...

Well, sure, compliance isn't an issue for people who don't get caught.  :p  But if something ever goes wrong, you can bet that the regulators will be all over you -- and if you're not in compliance with basic regulations, don't expect your cyberinsurance policy to bail you out (if you even qualified for one in the first place).

Consider your businesses needs

This is a great general resource. I think the most important thing to keep in mind when choosing a cloud service provider is your own business's needs. As mentioned here, no two service providers are alike, and in order to maximize your expense, you should select one that best appeals to your data requirements. For my business (after much searching) the answer was Virtzone. If you are in need of cloud hosting, I would highly recommend them. However, you should have a firm understanding of your needs before evaluating any service provider.