10 Signs OpenStack Has Come Into Its Own

, June 25, 2013 OpenStack continues to build momentum in the tech industry. Since its inception in 2010, OpenStack has made considerable strides as an open source IaaS project. Enterprises are seeking ROI with their OpenStack pilot projects, brand-name IT companies such as HP and Juniper are doubling down on OpenStack initiatives, and venture capitalists are throwing cash at OpenStack startups in an attempt to help the market make good on the hype -- and profit in the process. Here are 10 recent OpenStack developments.
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Juniper Bets Big On Cloudscaling

Juniper hasn't been shy about its support of OpenStack, pledging last year to help with the development of plug-ins that allow for better interoperability between the Juniper portfolio and OpenStack software. In April, it teamed with startup Cloudscaling to announce that the company would use Juniper's virtual networking software to power its virtual private computing extensions for OpenStack. A month later, Juniper was one of the major funders of a $10 million infusion of venture cash to Cloudscaling coffers.

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