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Will Remote IT and Gig-based Teams Lead the Future of Work?

Work from Home
(Image by Joshua Miranda from Pixabay)

Coping with quarantines pushed many enterprises to adopt remote IT operations, furthering a trend that may expand the gig economy. Even as organizations weigh returning to the office the potential remains for continued use of IT professionals not on the premises. Gigster, which connects tech teams online with companies looking for skilled expertise, asked Constellation Research to study and assess 190 projects that were managed on its platform in 2018 and 2019.

The results of the analysis were collected into a report that presents changing perspectives among enterprises and other companies when it comes to using “gig” workers for IT projects. All the projects in the analysis had remote teams composed of enterprise employees as well as freelancers.

Chris Keene, CEO of Gigster, says the report shows some trends in IT project management that might be accelerated by this year’s widespread shift to remote operations. “Last year, most large companies that we talked to felt that remote work was something they would do infrequently for certain kinds of experts and projects,” he says. Those companies maintained that their core work would remain with on-prem teams. “That means access to jobs is literally gated by where you live, who you know, and where you went to school,” Keene says. “It has relatively little to do with your demonstrated capacity to do the work.”

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