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I Am Not An E-Mail Addict, Honest

Wayne comes to the realization that he is, in fact, an e-mail addict. Can this man be saved?

I live for e-mail. Not just any type of e-mail, but substantive e-mail from people I either know, or who are involved in things I'm interested in. I'll sit for hours waiting for that real piece of e-mail to come into my mailbox.

I can stop whenever I want. I can go on vacation, and not even think about my e-mail; although I do leer at any computer screen I may see, wondering if I can get on-line. But, deep down I take solace in the fact that, I know, when I get home, I'll have hundreds of e-mails just queued up, waiting for me to act on them.

I'm not an addict! It may seem that I'm addicted, but really I'm not. I confess that I long for the buzz of my Blackberry or the chime of my Outlook. Just so I don't lose touch, I have several dozen different e-mail addresses (well actually about five actual mail-boxes), but I don't have to check them every minute. I don't! I just check them daily (and sometimes more from my Blackberry).

But I'm not an e-mail addict! I'm not. I can stop. Oops, got to send this to my editor Jennifer, by e-mail before I answer some more e-mail that just popped into my mailbox

Gee, I guess I am an addict, after all. Does anyone know if there's a chapter for those of us who need E-Mail Anonymous?

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