Predicting and Surviving Correlated Failures Redundancy

In this archived panel discussion, Frank Ohlhorst, Henry Sow, and Stephen Lawton connect to deliver an in-depth conversation detailing the need for 'Predicting and Surviving Correlated Failures Redundancy' during our 'Network Resilience Boot Camp' presented by Data Center Knowledge and Network Computing. This excerpt is from our live 'Network Resilience Boot Camp' virtual event moderated by Bonnie D. Graham.

We’ll say it again – redundancy. From PoPs to physical components to staffing, redundancy is often conflated as the end of resiliency. But even all the tripling and quadrupling in the world isn’t going to save your bacon when components shut down and create cascading failures. That’s where things get sticky, and where redundancy alone won’t save you.

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Brandon Taylor, Digital Editorial Program Manager

Brandon Taylor is the Digital Editorial Program Manager at Network Computing.

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