Quick Takes update from April 2003

We take peeks at NetVision Integrated Security Policy Management 4.0, KnowledgeBase Solutions KnowledgeBase.net 3.0, Interwoven OpenDeploy 5.6 and Sarvega XESOS Studio.

April 14, 2003

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NetVision Integrated Security Policy Management 4.0
NetVision has added support for Microsoft Windows server and Active Directory in version 4.0 of its Integrated Security Policy Management system. Four modules have been added: NVMonitor for real-time automated protection; NVAssess, which identifies and corrects security vulnerabilities; NVIdentity for user management; and NV Policy Resource Center, which provides both policy management and a constantly updated security library. A Web console has been added for remote management. Available: April 21. $19 per user.

NetVision, (877) 828-9180, (801) 764-0400. www.netvision.com

KnowledgeBase Solutions KnowledgeBase.net 3.0
Big enterprises in need of content management and support for customer and employee usage will appreciate the enhancements made to KnowledgeBase.net in version 3.0. New features include portal customization; the ability to upload thousands of legacy documents for archival; more search options, such as subcategory, stemming, wild card and exact word; and support for up to 10 languages. Some features are offered as options at an additional cost.

Starts at $200 per month. KnowledgeBase Solutions, (800) 831-7881, (323) 857-1250. www.knowledgebase.net

Interwoven OpenDeploy 5.6
Available for the first time as a standalone offering, Interwoven's OpenDeploy 5.6 promises a secure, automated global distribution system for simultaneous delivery of code and content to Internet applications. Updates to corporate portals, e-commerce sites and CRM (customer relationship management) applications can be synchronized and run via a network appliance adapter, which pushes content to Internet applications and caching devices without overwhelming the network. Additional add-ons provide support for XML-to-database replication as well as content syndication. For security purposes, content can be encrypted and distribution can occur both inside and outside firewalls.

Starts at $49,000. Interwoven, (888) 468-3796. [email protected]

Sarvega XESOS Studio
Enterprise infrastructures that rely heavily on Sarvega XPE switches will be bolstered by Sarvega's XESOS Studio. This wizard-based platform allows for large-scale configuration, deployment and management of Sarvega XPE 2000 switches by both network administrators and application support staff. A centralized console simplifies management and supports live updates and real-time communication throughout the network. The XML acceleration, security and routing provided by the Sarvega XPE 2000 switches can be easily managed, even without prior experience with this switch type. XESOS Studio works well with many J2EE (Java 2, Enterprise Edition) apps and Web services. Included with Sarvega XPE 2000 switches.Sarvega, (630) 455-6900. www.sarvega.com

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