• 05/31/2007
    5:34 PM
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What the Heck is a 'Mobile Companion' Anyway

Network Computing's technology editors love shiny new gadgets. The Foleo -- Palm's new "mobile companion" created instant discussion among their ranks on the system's usability, use cases -- and future. Follow their debate and then let us know what you...

The form-factor and battery consumption problems are very real constraints today. We all want small, except we want our screens and keyboards to be big. And we all want long battery life, but we also want lightweight and lots of power-hungry radios.

I think we need to be focusing more on use-cases. I'll take a wild stab and guess that the needs of Greg Shipley are not exactly the same as what the marketing geniuses are looking at in terms of mass-market sales potential.

But beyond that, there are so many specialized use-cases, in so many vertical markets ranging from health care to supply chain. One size doesn't fit all.

So what do you want your mobile device to do for you? What are the key applications? What level of network performance do you need? Are you willing to carry a big rock around in your pocket? What kind of balance are you trying to strike between business and entertainment value? One more question: How much are you willing to pay, up front and monthly?

These questions are obviously open to anyone who might care to comment.

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