• 11/12/2013
    1:00 AM
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Top 10 Wireless Broadband Worries

Delivering on the promise of consistent wireless broadband has been a challenge for network operators. Here's what stands in the way of better WiFi service for consumers and enterprises.

The days of moving blissfully unaware between WiFi and cellular networks and always automatically defaulting to the best option are within sight for the mobile industry. But standing between the wireless operators and high-quality wireless broadband are a number of significant roadblocks.

While WiFi has been many operators' data-dumping savior for a while, they are now keen to integrate it into their heterogeneous networks, tracking the traffic, keeping an eye on their offloaded customers and improving the experience as they take credit for it.

Yet the WiFi experience today is still far from perfect, so there's a lot of work to be done. Here are 10 of the biggest issues giving the operators and their customers trouble when it comes to carrier WiFi.

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