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IBM's Mashup Suite Aims To Increase Enterprise Adoption

The company's Mashup Center and WebSphere sMash make it easier for both developers and information workers to create and use mashups.

IBM's Mashup Hub acts as a catalog of mashups and shows how they've been built.

IBM on Monday released a Web-based suite of tools to let businesses develop and manage enterprise mashups, pushing the company further into a market that's seen significant hype.

Applications that combine disparate streams of data like maps and shipping information are popping up all over. But despite increasing awareness, mashups are still anything but commonplace in business.

Even IBM, which has been touting the potential benefits of mashups for the last two years, says that mashups are still just in beginning stages and that no IBM client yet has any "mainstream development" of mashups. "As a broad thing, it is very much in its infancy," Anant Jhingran, VP and CTO of information management in IBM's Software Group, said in an interview.

One reason that's true is that until recently, enterprise mashups had been the exclusive provenance of small startups like Kapow, Serena Software, and Apatar. In the last few months, however, larger companies like Oracle and IBM have joined the fray.

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