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Wireless Vendors Bring Out The Gear At Wi-Fi Planet

Wireless in the workplace got a boost Tuesday as the Wi-Fi Planet Conference & Expo Fall 2003 opened in San Jose, Calif.

The trade show runs through Friday with more than 115 vendors -- including wireless arena top players such as Intel and 3Com -- are strutting new products and announcing future plans to push Wi-Fi.

Among the vendors touting wares at Wi-Fi Planet:

Red-M used Wi-Fi Planet to debut its flagship wireless management product, Red-Vision. Through its single console, said Red-M, enterprise IT staff can manage their company's wireless infrastructure and integrate with intrusion detection systems deployed to protect that network. Red-Vision allows users to detect rogue devices and intruders on the WLAN, view which devices are connected to access points, and configure and control a mixed-vendor wireless environment.

Motia, meanwhile, launched Javelin, a next-generation wireless antenna that promises to extend the range of wireless networks by up to four times. The multi-element Javelin antenna improves reception by combining the signals received by each element, said Motia executives, then adjusting the antenna's characteristics to better account for on-the-move users. Javelin is 802.11b/g compliant, reduces dead spots, suppresses interfering signals, and when used on both ends of the link, can boost range up to four times the typical.

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