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Wireless Networking Adoption Stories

But for this special report, we took a different tack, focusing less on the underlying technology and more on the implementation of wireless and the benefits realized by early adopters. For organizations that are just testing the waters--and that's most of you--there are plenty of lessons to be learned.

We compiled a long list of wireless LAN infrastructure vendors and solicited nominations of customers they considered candidates for best-practices recognition. We received 32 submissions from 18 vendors.

Not surprising, most of the nominees were clustered around vertical markets where WLANs have enjoyed significant success: health care, education, hospitality and convention centers. Unfortunately, organizations in other business sectors tend to be tight-lipped about their Wi-Fi initiatives, which are often viewed as competitive assets worth keeping secret.

A four-person team of Wi-Fi experts at our Syracuse lab whittled the original roster of 32 entries down to 12 organizations; we then conducted telephone interviews with the IT managers and staff responsible for the networks. Comprehensive analyses of the three organizations we considered most deserving of best-practices recognition are included here;

Different Businesses, Common Themes

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