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WiFi Overcrowding Dos & Don'ts

When designing and supporting WiFi networks in shared buildings or office parks, wireless overcrowding can become a major issue.

Since WiFi operates on unlicensed spectrum, your neighbor has just as much right to their WiFi as you do. That's why it's important to understand dos and don'ts that will help you operate your WiFi more effectively, while being a good neighbor at the same time.

Do: Perform a WiFi site survey
A WiFi site survey can not only help to eliminate any wireless dead spaces within your office walls, they also help to prevent leaks beyond your physical space. All too often you find that WiFi bleeds out into common areas, parking lots, and other tenants physical space. So for security reasons and simple common courtesy, make sure you limit the amount of wireless signal that gets projected beyond your physical office boundaries. This is where access point placement, antenna type, and power settings come into play.

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