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Trapeze Claims Largest Enterprise WLAN

WLAN management vendor Trapeze Networks claimed Monday that it has developed what it claims is the largest secure enterprise-class wireless LAN developed so far.

The large WLAN was developed for testing purposes with networking testing laboratory Iometrix. The companies said in a statement that the network has 10,000 roaming Wi-Fi clients, uses 200 Trapeze access points and 20 Trapeze wireless switches. It supports 802.1x authentication and WPA security as well as a voice-over-WLAN system.

The companies said they developed the network to demonstrate that large, secure WLANs are relatively easy to build.

"Many IT managers have lingering concerns about deploying wireless," Iometrix president Bob Mandeville said in a statement. "Our tests unequivocally demonstrate that WLANs scale to meet the rigorous security, scalability and manageability requirements for enterprise deployments."