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Sprint Offers Wireless Data Guarantees To Enterprises

Sprint said Monday that it will offer Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to enterprise customers guaranteeing performance of its cellular data network.

Sprint claimed it is the first wireless operators to offer SLAs for data. It already offers SLAs for its cellular voice service.

"By making businesses as comfortable with the performance of their wireless (data) networks as they are on the wireline side, we can deliver the predictability and control they need for their wireless communications," Kathy Walker, Sprint's executive vice president for network services, said in a statement.

Sprint said it will use specific performance metrics and will provide credits to enterprise customers if those metrics aren't met. Specifically the company said it will provide the a 10 percent credit if:

  • Its national average of wireless data blocks is two percent or more during any month. A block means the user is unable to start a data session within Sprint's service area.
  • Dropped connections are one percent or more during a month.
  • If network availability falls below 99.5 percent in a month.
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