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Sky TV Launches Two New Broadband Video Services

U.K.-based Sky TV has launched two new services, Sky by broadband and Sky by mobile, that lets subscribers watch TV on their computers and on their mobile phones.

Those already subscribing to Sky digital services will can add the broadband or mobile services to their existing plan. Users will be able to download movies and watch them on their computer with Sky by broadband, and will be able to watch video clips on their mobile phones with Sky by mobile. Sky expects the new services to increase subscription rates, which have more than doubled in the last six years.

Sky launched the new services because its customers are increasingly connected to the Internet via broadband connections. According to a poll by National Statistics, broadband accounts for 57.4% of all U.K. internet connections. Consumers take advantage of faster connection speeds to watch videos online or download music. Additionally, 47% of all Sky digital customers have broadband connected PCs, compared to the U.K. average of 38%.