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Second Day: Polycom/SpectraLink Fuels Voice Over Wi-Fi

With voice over Wi-Fi emerging as a potential killer app for enterprise wireless LANs, vendor consolidation such as this week's Polycom/SpectraLink deal is no surprise.

Polycom execs mentioned Cisco several times, which seems a bit awkward. Cisco is already doing its own PBX, desk set and Vo-Fi solution, and whatever good thing Polycom has going with Cisco's video/collaboration group is going to become a bit tense when Polycom markets a complete fixed and mobile VoIP offering.

It will be interesting to see how the road map plays out. SpectraLink is already well underway with its SIP software, and this purchase will probably accelerate that development work. The soft client is also very interesting, but what SpectraLink has today is not SIP-based but SRP, so it's not clear how that will be leveraged into the Polycom lineup. There are already a few good SIP-based softphones, such as Xten/CounterPath, which has been licensed by many of the big players, including Adtran, AT&T, BT, Cisco and Packet8.

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