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Rollout: Network General's Network Intelligence Suite 4.2

The Upshot

Network General claims its suite can deliver "the truth" about what is happening across a network infrastructure. The Network Intelligence Suite's integrated tools and appliances let admins monitor, troubleshoot, report, and improve application/network performance by identifying the "real" culprits.

Network, database and application admins can use proactive monitoring, passive/sniffing and active probing tools to manage their environment's health. Unfortunately, using tools that weren't designed to talk to each other requires finesse, experience and patience.

This suite provides solid integration between monitoring and problem identification toolsets. Flexible and intricate monitoring thresholds and reporting tools let admins and users aggregate many sources of data with one tool. "Quick reports" could offer more initial templates (variety of options for report generation due to drill-down choices can get tricky). This suite may not stop inter-departmental squabbling, but it will shorten arguments when they arise.

Network Intelligence Suite

Network General is looking to close the gap between proactive-monitoring and problem-resolution tools with version 4.2 of its Network Intelligence Suite. And for large organizations, the $120,000 price of this integrated product may be justified. Network General says it has listened to customer demands for increased integration of various app and network monitoring and analysis tools. The beta's ease of setup, business-focused reporting and simple drill-down interface left us wishing we could keep the gear.

Much of the suite's base functionality can be found in a collection of tools from other vendors. Implementations with sniffing tools, such as open-source Ethereal; monitoring tools, such as CA's Concord, Dartware's InterMapper or NetScout's nGenius; and large-scale management offerings, such as IBM Tivoli or HP OpenView, would provide similar raw data on the low end and competitive toolsets on the high end. And that's Network General's pitch: It eliminates the need for a raft of other products.

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