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Rollout: AirWave Wireless Management Suite 5.0

The Upshot

AirWave's Wireless Management Suite 5.0 seeks to be top dog in wireless management by supporting multiple platforms and diverse technologies, including WLAN, mesh, and Wi-Max, while providing value missing from native support tools.
WLAN admins, especially those supporting diverse product sets, require robust management tools that aren't always supplied by their WLAN product vendor. AirWave has taken the lead in meeting a need in an area in which WLAN vendors often fall short.
Clearly better than its obvious competitors at most tasks, Wireless Management Suite could be improved by supporting more lightweight systems and providing greater flexibility in task scheduling and map creation.

AirWave Wireless Management Suite 5.0

The administration of multiple wireless management systems is a true burden that gets worse as networks grow. But WLAN management doesn't have to be a disjointed, frustrating mess. AirWave's latest offering in multivendor, multi-technology wireless management, Wireless Management Suite 5.0, provides a feature-rich, one-stop framework for overseeing heterogeneous and single-vendor WLANs.

AirWave customers will welcome the slew of new capabilities delivered with 5.0, while those new to the product will likely wonder how they did without it on networks with mixed hardware.

Not Just 802.11 Any More

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