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A Real iPod "Shocker"

Your mom always warned you not to stand under a tree during a storm. Now there's a new rule to add to the inclement weather protocols: Turn off that iPod! says that several individuals have been severely injured while listening to their iPods during thunder and lightning storms. In one case, a Canadian jogger enjoying some tunes was hit by lighting, thrown nearly 10 feet, ruptured both eardrums and suffered severe burns. A Colorado teen experienced similar injuries when lightning bounced off a tree and struck him while he was listening to his iPod and mow the lawn.

Experts are quick to stress that the iPod is not some sort of music-playing lightning rod. Using the device during an electrically charged storm does not increase your chances of being struck. Because of it's metallic makeup, however, it does increase the severity of your injuries if you are hit.

Hmm, the article said the lawn-mowing kid was listening to Metallica when he got zapped. If it was "Ride the Lightning", then seriously, he was asking for it.

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