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Progress Updates ESB, Adds BPEL Server

Sonic was one of the first ESBs vendors (and makes a credible claim to have invented the whole product category) but it had fallen behind other vendors in support for BPEL. The update fixes that, going straight to BPEL 2.0, the version ratified last month and likely to be used across the industry. Sonic also has added support for BPEL 1.0 and 1.1, and retained its previous UML-based orchestration language.

Integration with Actional has been in the works since Progress acquired Actional, nearly a year ago. Combining management with an ESB makes sense from one perspective, as there is a lot of overlapping functionality. However, many Actional or Sonic customers will already have a rival's product in one of the two roles, so Progress will still need to support its competitors.
Andy Dornan
Senior Technology Editor

Progress Software this week delivered an update of its Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) software, a key component in enterprise service-oriented architectures.

The key advance in the new release, Sonic ESB 7.5, is the addition of full WS-Business Process Execution Language support from Sonic's new BPEL server. The BPEL capabilities add standards-based service orchestration to the routing capabilities of the Sonic ESB. The BPEL support also simplifies the reuse and management of business applications within an SOA environment.

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