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OneBridge Mobile Groupware Travels Well

I installed the OneBridge Mobile Groupware on our Syracuse University Real-World Labs® network. The software works with devices running Windows PocketPC and CE, Palm OS 3.5 or later, Symbian OS 6.0, SyncML 1.0.1 (such as the Nokia 9210 Communicator or Ericsson R520e) and even RIM OS 2.1.

OneBridge requires three pieces of software. The OneBridge server software is the point of administration. The PIM server for Notes or Exchange hosts all client data. And Lotus Notes client or Outlook with CDO (collaboration data objects, a custom option in the Outlook install) lets the OneBridge server connect to Exchange or Notes so that messages can be forwarded to the client device.

Test Setup

My test bed consisted of two servers: one running Exchange 5.5, the other hosting the OneBridge server software and Outlook 2000 with CDO. My test client was a Compaq iPAQ 3800 running PocketPC 2002 with a Compact Flash WLAN card.

Deploying the Live Connect client software was a breeze: A simple wizard guides you through on the PDA. The appropriate files are then copied to a directory you define using the wizard. These files can later be copied to one or more devices through an ActiveSync connection or through a network file transfer--a handy capability for administrators deploying the software to multiple devices.

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