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New York Considers Banning iPodding Pedestrians

On the streets of New York the new pedestrian rule could soon be "Look both ways before your cross -- and turn off that iPod!"

Like many states, New York has a ban on using cell phones and other handheld devices while driving. But with a recent increase in pedestrian deaths linked to iPod and cell phone usage, one New York politician is proposing a law prohibiting use of the handhelds while crossing those busy streets.

After several folks were recently killed while futzing with their Blackberries and MP3 players as they crossed intersections, New York State Senator Carl Kruger suggested he would propose a law banning the use of the mobile devices in those traffic-centric situations. Anyone crossing streets while chatting on their phone or listening to their favorite podcast would be slapped with a hefty fine.

Response from the music listening, cell phone chatting, street crossing community has not been positive. Bloggers are condemning Senator Kruger's proposal, charging everything from "Big Brother" tactics to blaming a larger group of people for the ignorance of a few.

"People are sometimes retarded, and you can't fix stupid," one blogger commented. Another angrily questioned, "What's next? Banning deaf people from crossing streets as well?"