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Network General Delivers Top-to-Bottom Net Analysis

Network General is well-known for its Sniffer product line, but the company has been working toward a more holistic network and application analysis product. While Network General started talking about network and application performance a few years ago, this release is really where the rubber meets the road. Network General's product line gives access to performance data from the application layer all the way down to packet decodes. Merging Cisco NetFlow data adds a networkwide perspective that would otherwise be expensive with probes.

Meanwhile, Virtualization Forensics tells you where bottlenecks are occuring in virtual enviornments--the network, the hypervisor or the virtualized server. Using SNMP, WMI, synthetic transactions and log files, Virtualization Forensics correlates the data for monitoring and troubleshooting, giving IT the opportunity to address performance issues before they become a problem. As virtualized applications grow, monitoring the hypervisor will become more important.
Mike Fratto
NWC Senior Technology Editor

Network General this week debuted new application discovery and performance analysis applications to help IT manage network performance and isolate application performance problems.

The offering focuses on providing a maximum level of management capabilities while keeping network and packet analysis as simple as possible, Network General said.

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