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Netgear's WG302 ProSafe 802.11g

Efficiency by Design

By automatically configuring and coordinating channel allocation of each AutoCell-enabled AP in your infrastructure, as well as continuously adjusting power output levels so as not to stomp on neighboring APs, Propagate's AutoCell takes much of the tedium out of the WLAN cell setup.

Client cards supporting the technology will realize some benefits, too. For instance, with pre-emptive intelligent roaming, where client cards look to connect to other APs before their current connections degrade too much, and load-balancing capabilities, clients will roam more efficiently. Cards that run AutoCell code, such as Netgear's WAG511, adjust their power settings automatically based on their proximity to the APs with which they are communicating, thus limiting interference with nearby APs and clients on the same channels.

ProSafe 802.11g Wireless Access Point

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I configured IP addressing for three WG302s over their console ports and then logged on to the SSL-encrypted Web configuration pages.

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