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Mplat Technology's Flashphone F2K

Originally Published On Personal Tech Pipeline

Skype and other Voice-Over-IP (VoIP) products make high-quality -- and free
-- global calls over the Internet possible.

One downside, however, is that, unlike with a cell phone or a wireless handheld,
you need to be tethered to the specific PC that contains your calling
information, as well as the hardware and software than enables calls. Or do you?

A $40 product called Flashphone F2K from Mplat Technology, however, seeks to put
that information, along with the software and hardware itself, into the palm of
your hand.

The FlashPhone F2K is designed to be a self-contained Skype device. Mplat has
combined a flash memory drive and a USB sound card into a device only slightly
larger than a lipstick holder. Physically, the Flashphone consists of the device
itself and a set of earbuds with a built in microphone. They plug into one side
of the device and an USB connector is hidden under a cap on the other.

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