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Motorola's MPx220

It's All About the Apps

Microsoft's built-in applications include the basics from Microsoft Outlook: Contacts, Calendar, Inbox and Tasks. The device's versions of the Contacts and Calendar function nearly identically to their Outlook counterparts. The Contacts application, for example, even lets you add or edit items such as spouse, anniversaries and birthdays. The Calendar application includes Outlook fields like location and busy status.

The only real letdown is the Tasks application, which works as if someone forgot to finish writing the code for it. Every task is listed, with no options to filter or hide completed tasks. The only available options are to complete a task or to delete it. Furthermore, while new tasks can be entered, current tasks cannot be edited. As someone who categorizes and retains completed tasks, I was disappointed with the lack of attention given to this function.


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The messaging application supports multiple mailboxes, including Exchange, POP3 and IMAP. During testing, I configured the device to send and receive mail using Gmail's secure POP and SMTP connections.

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