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Motorola Launches Dual-Mode Muni Wireless System

Motorola Monday officially launched its municipal wireless products and that a Florida City has deployed the products, paying for it with seized drug money.

Motorola's MOTOMESH products combine standard 802.11 capabilities and public safety wireless capabilities in the newly-available 4.9 GHz range of spectrum. In a statement, Motorola said that enables municipalities to provide wireless networks both to its citizens and its public safety workers and even to receive homeland security grants for developing the networks.

The company has long discussed the products and a number of cities have been deploying them. However, Monday's announcement marks the widespread availability of the products. Motorola also announced that Riviera Beach, Florida has deployed the system and paid for it largely from sized drug money.

"Riviera Beach's creative approach to funding and deploying a mesh-enabled video and data system demonstrates the forward thinking that is needed to keep our communities safe and secure," Richard Licursi, vice president of Motorola's Mesh Networks Product Group, said in a statement.

The city said that the technology enables access to an expanding number of city agencies as well as development of a wireless network for citizens.