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Meru Touts RF-Level Wireless LAN Security

LONDON — Wireless infrastructure specialist Meru Networks has developed security software that can jam radio signals from rogue access points and scramble genuine signals, and thus protect wireless networks at the RF signal level.

The company’s Security Services Module, a software module that works in combination with its range of wireless LAN products, notably its access points and radio switches, is expected to be shipping in the second quarter of the year.

Meru (Sunnyvale, Calif.) says the module, which uses its patent-pending AirShield technology, uses advanced micro-scanning, radio scrambling and transmission jamming to ensure military-grade, radio frequency security for any enterprise.

Wireless LAN security is still a major concern to enterprises since, even with packet encryption, networks can still be vulnerable to passive eavesdropping and information can be gleaned from those packets when using a wireless connection.

Meru claims its solution offers security that other systems are unable to match, and that the module achieves its scanning without disrupting network services. The module functions as part of Meru‘s System Director operating system and is installed on the WLAN System‘s Controller.

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