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Malware Attacks on Mobile Operators Soar--Is the Enterprise Next?

At the 3GSM show in Barcelona this week, security vendor McAfee revealed findings from recent research that shows mobile operators around the world are faced with a greater threat of attacks from cyber criminals, in spite of spending more on wireless security.

Mobile malware and viruses, though relatively uncommon as of yet, are becoming a tangible threat. If carriers are seeing malware attacks as a problem now, enterprises are likely to be the next target. This underscores the point that smartphones are true mobile endpoints that must be managed effectively, just like desktops.

Sean Ginevan
NWC Contributing Editor

Results of a Web-based survey conducted from December 2006 through January 2007 also revealed that 83 percent of wireless providers have fallen prey to viruses or other malicious code infecting their systems. The research suggests these attacks are escalating both in terms of frequency and in the number of devices effected.

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