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It's an iBaby!

I recently joked to my wife that at the rate things are going, babies will soon be born texting on little BlackBerrys while listening to music on iPod Nanos. Apparently, I wasn't that far off.

Ars Technica reports a recent study by a market-research firm has concluded that the average age that a child first uses consumer electronic devices has dropped from 8 years old (in 2005) to approximately 6.5. The NPD Group says that young children are becoming extremely adept at using digital media players, portable video games, digital cameras and more.

One reason for the toddler tech-savvy: Many of today's new parents grew up on video games and earlier mobile devices (portable CD players, Walkmans, cell phones) and are comfortable letting their children do the same. Other kids find such devices are recognized as status symbols among their peers, so they are quick to ask mommy and daddy for one.

Fortunately I've been able to stave off my own childrens' interest in electronic doodads. I just keep telling them that if they touch Daddy's cell phone or laptop, Elmo cries.

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