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Fiberlink Takes NAC Mobile

Fiberlink this week introduced the latest version of the software platform the company uses as the foundation for its hosted mobile management service. It also launched what it's calling a "mobile NAC" offering that takes advantage of the new capabilities.

Fiberlink provides a necessary hosted service for the complex world of mobile applications, security and device management. The addition of the Network Lockdown feature is another nod toward the slow but steady progression of NAC in the enterprise and the recognition that all devices, especially those that have left the safety of the corporate hallows, need to be checked out before they can be checked in.
Frank Bulk
NWC Contributing Editor

Fiberlink's Mobile NAC product is focused mainly on laptop security, providing core network access control functions, including policy management, endpoint assessment, quarantine, enforcement and remediation. Rather than inspecting laptops only when they attempt to access the network, Mobile NAC assesses and remediates machines at all times, from start-up to shutdown, the vendor said. Noncompliant systems are repaired automatically and are allowed safely back on the network.

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