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  • And therein lies the rub: This is not an inexpensive solution. While SecureLogix sets its licensing incrementally per monitored span (T1 or PRI), it would be very difficult for a small firm to justify the expense of the ETM system unless it was already an Oracle shop. Recognizing that pricing is negotiated on a per customer basis, we asked SecureLogix to price out example estimates for us. Pricing for a single-span setup (atypical for SecureLogix, but what we would want to purchase for our 400-extension environment) would be around $20,000. This would include an ETM 1010 appliance, a single-span license, the ETM software, on-site setup and travel expenses for one technician, a training seat for a four-day Administrator course, and one year of support. Figure in an additional $1,400 for Oracle 9i plus the expense of three Windows NT servers, and service renewals ongoing at less than $2,000 per year.

    At the midpoint of the pricing spectrum is an estimate that SecureLogix describes as a "medium" installation: an ETM environment to monitor 50 spans would run in the neighborhood of $380,000. Service contract renewals would be in the $45,000 to $50,000 per year range. Of course, pricing for enterprise-scale installations can run into the millions. (For more pricing details, see "SecureLogix Price Estimates" chart.)

    The gist: if you have a large, diverse telecom environment to manage and protect, the SecureLogix ETM solution fills the bill admirably. In fact, we would love to have this equipment installed permanently in our small shop ... but we can't afford it.

    SecureLogix ETM System 3.0, starts at $20,000. SecureLogix Corp., (800) 817-4837, (210) 402-9669.