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  • The standard built-in reporting tools, which query Oracle, are comprehensive and user-friendly. The "war-dialing" report successfully identified all the script-dialing sessions run during our testing, as well as fingering an employee's ex-boyfriend "love dialing" 73 times in a 12-hour run (but that's another story!). The report-preview function is also handy because, as your data set grows, running detailed reports against Oracle can be time-consuming. We easily customized a number of canned reports to suit our testing needs; administrators can also design their own reports from scratch.

    There Had To Be One Nit

    Much to SecureLogix's chagrin, we discovered a software bug in our testing, albeit one unlikely to be encountered in a production environment.

    After our initial period of baseline testing, we began to test inbound calls from a wide variety of sources. When setting up rules, call "objects" need to be identified. An object can be as specific as "Bob's House" or as broad as "All 900 Numbers" or "All Calls to France," depending on your required level of granularity. All objects are defined by data elements, for example, "description," "country code," "area code" or "exchange."