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Composite Software's Composite Information Service with Composite Application Views

Composite Application Views build on the vendor's Composite Information Service, providing SQL query-level and Web Services access to packaged applications' data, enabling a wide variety of reporting and integration uses in the enterprise.

Composite Software competes with MetaMatrix and IBM in the enterprise information integration arena. Like its competitors, and a few vendors that might not typically be considered competitors, Composite is moving to fit into SOA and address enterprise demands for access to data locked in proprietary ERP and CRM systems.

Composite, like competitor Iona, has recognized the demands of the enterprise to access its data regardless of where it may be stored. Its ability to work closely with large partners to provide that access is well-established, and the release of CAVs providing access to SAP, Siebel and is no exception. No other EII vendor offers its level of access to

Composite Software Composite Information Service with Composite Application Views,

starts at $65,000

Enterprises need to access their data, wherever it's stored. But that's not always so easy. Take a SAP database: There are approximately 30,000 tables in a typical one. Direct access to these tables is restricted both by the vendor's licensing agreements and the use of German acronyms to name columns, making it necessary for integrators and report writers to use SAP-provided APIs to access data.

No small chore, considering there are thousands of functions in the business (BAPI) and developer-oriented (RFC) APIs--both of which require code and an understanding of how to connect and use the system.

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