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Career Profile: Sun Microsystem's New CIO

Name: Robert Worrall
Title/Employer: CIO, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Age: 45
Education: MBA, California State University Hayward
Tenure in IT industry: 25 years

First ever tech job:
I began my technical career writing 4gl programs and reports for a manufacturing organization.

What is the best career advice you've ever received?
"Learn the business first, only then apply technology to solve the problem."

What's the top advice you'd give to a new IT staffer?
I tell newcomers to make a concerted effort to spend time in all the disciplines of IT (e.g. operations, development, support, engineering, finance etc).

What is the one career decision you would change if you could?
I wouldn't change a thing: All the mistakes, all the ups and downs, have been good learning experiences in their own way, and have helped me in my career.

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