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Windows 8 Business Benefits | LulzSec Sabu: No Robin Hood

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  
Wednesday, March 7, 2012



Between The Lines Columnist
LulzSec's Sabu Was Identity Thief, Not Robin Hood

By Mathew J. Schwartz

Federal indictment accuses Sabu of crossing a clear line between political expression and criminal activity.


LulzSec Sabu Arrest: Don't Relax Yet, IT
LulzSec Leader Sabu Unmasked, Aids FBI Hacker Sweep

Windows 8: 8 Benefits For Business

Microsoft pitches more detail on Windows 8's security and manageability improvements for enterprise IT and SMBs, a week after releasing the consumer preview version.

iPad3: What Does Apple Want Us To Touch?

In the invitation for today's iPad event, Apple said that it has something we really need to touch. Could that be a new, haptic-feedback display?

Scalado Re-Imagines The Smartphone Camera

Mobile World Congress showcased several groundbreaking camera phone capabilities, but Scalado's Random Access JPEG technology is the coolest one you've never seen before.

ARM: PlayStation Graphics Power Coming To Smartphones

ARM demos at Mobile World Congress reveal smarter, more efficient processing that will let phones tackle tasks such as photo editing, too.

Amazon Cuts Cloud Computing Prices

Amazon Web Services lowers prices 5% to 37%, reducing the cost of an entry level compute unit and enticing largest customers with volume deals.

Ford Navigates Rough Road Of Software Development

Its MyFord Touch upgrade this week, addressing customer complaints, is only the beginning of Ford's transformation to a software company.


Purpose is the place where your deep gladness meets the world's needs. -- Frederick Buechner


Amazon Cuts Cloud Computing Prices
Ford Navigates Rough Road Of Software Development

Research: Cloud ROI

IDC Analysis: Secure Collaboration in the Cloud

DARPA Robot Sprints To Speed Record

Private PaaS For The Enterprise: Myth Or Reality?

IT Spending Survey


Posted By AS71:

"Who is going to be able to build a tablet for less than half the cost of Apple when Apple has much higher volumes from all of the suppliers?"

In reply to:

"Windows 8 Tablets Could Be Risky Business"
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Posted By CuriousTom:

"You're an Apple fan boy! Anything you say about non-Apple products is lacking in objectivity!"

In reply to:

"Android Phones: Ice Cream Sandwich Still MIA"
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Research: Cloud ROI

A majority of the respondents to our survey are using cloud, but few are highly likely to comprehensively evaluate ROI for the life span of a project. Will runaway costs end up public enemy No. 1 as providers jack up prices and elasticity demand bounces back to bite us?

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Fundamentals: Understanding Flat Networks

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IDC Analysis: Secure Collaboration in the Cloud

Get answers and best practices from IDC experts about securely sharing sensitive documents via emerging cloud-based solutions. Discover how you can increase inter-enterprise collaboration and information flow in the cloud while protecting sensitive information and maintaining compliance/governance.

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10 Fundamentals of Business Analytics

In his book, The New Know: Innovation Powered by Analytics, Thornton May suggests that the key to business success is discovering truth and value from overwhelming amounts of data. This excerpt summarizes 10 fundamental realities for organizations moving forward.

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DARPA Robot Sprints To Speed Record

DARPA-funded Cheetah robot sets sprightly pace of up to 18 miles per hour. In another project, a robotic arm achieves human tasks autonomously.

Android Phones: Ice Cream Sandwich Still MIA

Google's data reveals that Android 4.0's presence in the market has grown less than one percent in the last month.

Windows Server 8: 8 Key Facts

Microsoft Windows Server 8, now out in beta, has important changes for enterprises working with virtualization, automation, and private clouds.

Apple iPad 3: 10 Must-Have Features

The iPad 3, whatever its real name may be, debuts Wednesday. Here's what we most hope to see.

8 Privacy Threats Worse Than Google

Google's privacy policy tweaks this week caused a fresh flurry of outrage. But Google should not be your top privacy worry.



10 Sights To See: Mobile World Congress

Explore the sights from Mobile World Conference 2012, Barcelona, where the Google booth slide is always open and the food and fashion never disappoint.

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Windows 8 Beta: Visual Tour

10 Sights To See: Mobile World Congress


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MWC 2012: Samsung's New Galaxy Note Tablet & Galaxy Beam

Samsung launches its slimmest projector phone ever, The Galaxy Beam, along with a stylish, updated version of its 10-inch Galaxy Note tablet. Both devices launch in Europe for Q2 2012.



MWC 2012: NFC-powered Parking Meters and Retail, courtesy of NXP

ARM Demos Next Gen Mobile Performance





Private PaaS For The Enterprise: Myth Or Reality?

This Cloud Connect webcast looks at the landscape and drivers for private platform as a service and issues for enterprises moving development resources to the cloud. It happens March 7.

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IT Spending Survey

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