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Why Huawei Worries Congress | VMware Fights Lock-In Fears

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  Tuesday, October 09, 2012
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Between The Lines Columnist VMware Fights Lock-In Fears, Supports Rival Tools
By Charles Babcock
VMware revamps vCloud Suite management tools to work with Microsoft's Hyper-V, Citrix Systems' XenServer, and open source Xen and KVM hypervisors, and run VMs across public and private clouds, including Amazon's EC2.

Inside One Amazon Cloud Customer's Zone Defense
Microsoft Vs. VMware: Who'll Be Private Cloud King?

Why Huawei Has Congress Worried
Congressional report says increasing dominance of Huawei and ZTE in telecom equipment market gives China an opportunity to spy or conduct malicious activities. If Stuxnet worked, what else will?

IBM Answers Oracle Exadata
PureData System for transactional, analytic, and operational deployments takes on Oracle, replaces IBM's Netezza appliances and Smart Analytic system.

Does Mobile Antivirus Software Really Protect Smartphones?
Bad news: Many mobile antivirus apps are useless. Here's what mobile device management and mobile application management experts say you should focus on instead.

Symantec's New Answer To Enterprise Mobile Headaches
Mobile Management Suite offers IT an umbrella approach to mobile device, app, and security management, simplifies pricing.

Box Embeds Document Collaboration In Other Apps
HTML-5 based embedding puts Box's full file sharing capabilities into websites and other apps. Ten partners have signed on: NetSuite, SugarCRM launch this week, Jive's in the works.

Modern Manhattan Data Center's Secret: Gas Turbines
Check out how DataGryd CEO Peter Feldman innovates using cheap, plentiful natural gas at his energy plant serving 240,000 square feet of data center space in the heart of Manhattan.

Google Retools Search Appliance
Never mind the cloud. Companies need search hardware, and Google aims to deliver.

The Great CIO Debate
Is the role of the CIO to be an innovator or a custodian? Two leading CIOs share advice on how to become the innovation champion in your company.

"You can discover what your enemy fears most by observing the means he uses to frighten you." ~ Eric Hoffer


Google Retools Search Appliance
The Great CIO Debate
Research: 2012 IT Perception Survey
Defining Tier One Storage in the Modern Data Center
Exclusive: Anatomy Of A Brokerage IT Meltdown
Exposing the Money Behind Malware
InformationWeek Future Cities Survey

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Posted By GAProgrammer:
"Most Windows users would have an even harder time learning a Mac than dealing with the confusion of the two OS versions."
In reply to: "Windows 8, RT Confusion: Can Microsoft Beat It?"
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Posted By dianejhuff:
"Although Google truly believes that it is enterprise worthy, I can assure you, it is not. Google lacks the collaborative and support infrastructure to maintain a large enterprise group."
In reply to: "Google Enterprise, I'm Not Impressed"
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  Digital Issue  
More than half of federal agencies are saving money with cloud computing, but security, compatibility, and skills present huge problems, according to our survey.

Also in the all-new digital issue of InformationWeek Government: President Obama's record on IT strategy is long on vision but short on results.

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Research: 2012 IT Perception Survey
According to our survey, only 43% of non-IT people consider their IT teams integral to the business, and 54% consider IT a support or maintenance organization, not an innovator. What's happened?
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Featured Report
IT Pro's Guide to iPhone 5 and iOS 6
Apple's latest smartphone ushers in a new hardware package paired with an updated OS. Here's what enterprise IT teams charged with supporting employee mobility need to know about Maps, security, Passport vs. NFC, networking and more.
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Featured Report


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Defining Tier One Storage in the Modern Data Center
What was a simple environment just a few years ago with mainframes or a few large servers to be supported has evolved into a complex web of virtual machines, clouds, and expanding user expectations. Find out what defines a tier-1 storage in the modern IT world and in the data centers and services that support it.
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Everything You Need to Know About Agile Cloud Delivery
Agile Cloud Delivery helps businesses to standardize, automate and accelerate IT. Visit this site for resources to deliver new services faster and with better quality to meet changing business demands.
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Exclusive: Anatomy Of A Brokerage IT Meltdown
Regulators last year issued the SEC's first-ever privacy fine against broker-dealer GunnAllen for failing to protect customer data. But former IT staffers say regulators didn’t seem to know half of this cautionary tale of outsourcing and oversight gone wrong.

Why the iPad Mini Will Succeed, Even If It Really Shouldn't
BYTE's Serdar Yegulalp doesn't expect great things from the iPad Mini, but he does expect great sales. It's in the long term that Apple's problems lie. (Part of a series: Will the iPad Mini Succeed?)

Windows 8 Vs. Windows RT: 8 Key Differences
With the introduction of Windows 8 and Windows RT, Microsoft splits its flagship OS into two distinct flavors. Examine the most important contrasts.

10 Big Deals Show Future Of Social Apps
Several recent acquisitions in the social networking market point to a not-so-distant merger of social and business apps.

Microsoft: 100,000 Windows 8 Apps Coming
Microsoft exec also predicts that new Windows 8 OS will be found on 400 million devices by next summer.


7 E-Health Tools To Get Patients Engaged
Final Meaningful Use Stage 2 rules, now in effect, make patient engagement more important than ever. Here are some e-tools that you can use to draw in patients.   View Now

Apple After Steve Jobs: 10 Hits And Misses
6 Ways iPhone 5, iOS 6 Amp Up Social Opportunities


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Procter & Gamble CIO Filippo Passerini: Thinking Big About Data
When considering how data analytics can change business decision-making, Procter & Gamble CIO Filippo Passerini is thinking big. His team has created a collaboration environment that combines data and video on wall-sized screens.   Watch

5 Elevator Pitches, NetSuite CEO Hit Valley View
The Most Interesting IT Guy In The World: Global Warming, Windows Vista, Vint Cerf



Exposing the Money Behind Malware
Today's cybercriminals are driven by one thing: money. Join Chet Wisniewski, Senior Security Advisor at Sophos to learn about latest threats and how these criminals are making money by compromising your computer and data. It happens Tuesday, October 23, 2012. More Information & Registration

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InformationWeek Future Cities Survey
Today's urban areas must evolve into "Future Cities" with infrastructure, services, and IT systems capable of supporting millions of residents efficiently. We are conducting a survey to identify the challenges and opportunities this megatrend poses to business and technology managers involved in municipal operations. One lucky participant will win a 16GB Google Nexus 7 tablet.
Survey ends Oct. 19

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