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Who Is Anonymous: 10 Facts | Enterprise Tablet Shootout

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  
  Tuesday, February 7, 2012
Between The Lines Columnist Tablet Shootout: Which Fits Your Enterprise?
By Kurt Marko
Take a close look at six tablet options, from Apple to Android, with a focus on pros and cons for enterprise users.

Enterprise Buyer's Guide: Tablets
Tablets of CES: Visual Tour

Who Is Anonymous: 10 Key Facts
Anonymous 'hacktivists' aim to expose what they call government and establishment hypocrisy. Take a closer look at the group, its offshoots, and its infamous attacks.

VMware Rapidly Expands Cloud Partner Network
VMware users who want to run virtualized workloads in the cloud now have 94 cloud service providers to choose from in a wide variety of worldwide geographies.

Wolfram Alpha Learns Image, Data Tricks
Wolfram Alpha adds paid subscription service that provides new image and data analysis capabilities.

Qualcomm's Vision For Next-Gen Airplane Wi-Fi
Qualcomm is pitching the idea of "4G on a plane" to the U.S. government. But its 300Gbps Next-Gen AG has some hurdles to clear before takeoff.

Windows 8: Your Chance To Preview Coming Soon?
Computer users may soon get a chance to kick the tires on a trial version of Microsoft's radically overhauled Windows OS.

Google Unveils 'Secret Lab' For Radical Ideas
What 'skunkworks' projects are underway at Google? New website aims to bring together big thinkers and big problems, such as climate change and...

The problem with losing your anonymity is that you can never go back. -- Marla Maples


Windows 8: Your Chance To Preview Coming Soon?
Google Unveils 'Secret Lab' For Radical Ideas
Research: 2012 State of Cloud Computing
Security Pro's Guide to Patch Management
How Samsung Screwed Up Its Super Bowl Ad
Don't Get Hooked by the Latest Phishing Attacks
Time Is Running Out: Register Today For Cloud Connect

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Posted By bartio06:
"Comparing this to old Windows and Palm phones is a very biased or an uninformed rant. You cannot always type as fast as you can draw quick words and figures using a stylus."
In reply to: "How Samsung Screwed Up Its Super Bowl Ad"
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IT's jumping into cloud services with too much custom code and too little planning, our annual State of Cloud Computing Survey finds. Our newest digital issue shows you what to be aware of when using the cloud.

Also in this issue: Cloud success stories from Six Flags and Yelp, and how to write a SAN RFI.

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Research: 2012 State of Cloud Computing
In this report, we lay out the critical steps every organization needs to take to make sure its cloud leap goes on more than just faith.
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IT Pro Ranking: Endpoint Antivirus/Anti-Malware
46% of respondents to our survey are considering replacing or adding a vendor. Lucky for them, choices abound in this market.
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Featured Report


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Security Pro's Guide to Patch Management
It's no longer sufficient to patch just Windows, Office and IE. With the massive array of applications now residing on enterprise PCs, and the proliferation of mobile and cloud-based applications, your business is far too vulnerable to exploitation unless you have a solid strategy for patch prioritization, deployment and quality assurance. Follow these steps to put your plan in place.
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The CIO's Guide To Design Global IT Infrastructure
Is it possible to eliminate the impact of distance? This paper explores the 5 key principles successful CIOs are using to redesign IT infrastructure of any size. Learn how to be prepared to adapt your environment in a way that supports distributed employees, anytime anywhere collaboration and the need for business continuity during a disaster.
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How Samsung Screwed Up Its Super Bowl Ad
Call it the stylus snafu: Samsung's over-the-top Super Bowl commercial failed to resonate with viewers and earned widespread mocking on Twitter. Here's why.

Nokia Lumia 900 Pre-Orders Begin
Windows Phone fans who want to get their hands on the Lumia 900 smartphone can reserve one with a $25 deposit at Microsoft stores.

6 Predictions For Business Intelligence In 2012
A look at in-memory analysis, visual discovery, big data, mobile BI, cloud and social BI achievements in 2011 and forecasts for the year ahead.

Google Unveils 'Secret Lab' For Radical Ideas
What 'skunkworks' projects are underway at Google? New website aims to bring together big thinkers and big problems, such as climate change and cancer.

Windows Phone 8 Bodes Well For Customers
The next version of Windows Phone will be based on the same kernel as Windows 8. This is good news for everyone.


Health IT's Newest Ideas: HIMSS12 Preview
Take an early look at 14 of the most interesting health IT products and services that will be displayed at the annual HIMSS conference, happening this month in Las Vegas.   View Now

How IT Views RIM's Future: Exclusive Research
Tablet Shootout: Which Fits Your Enterprise?


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Three Hot Gadgets: Basis Watch, HP Ultrabook, Lytro Camera
Video demonstrations of Basis health monitoring wristwatch, Lytro camera (which captures the entire light field) and HP's high-end Ultrabook, the Envy Spectre 14. These were some of the hottest gadgets we saw at CES 2012.   Watch

Tech News: It's All A Joke
SAP's Bold Desires: Leadership In Cloud, Mobile, Big Data



Don't Get Hooked by the Latest Phishing Attacks
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