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What Bad Programming Costs | IT Chief Of The Year

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  
  Monday, Dec 12, 2011
Between The Lines Columnist Starbucks' Stephen Gillett: InformationWeek's IT Chief of The Year
By Chris Murphy
Starbucks' CIO blends technology, marketing, and innovation, a winning formula in our annual recognition of IT leadership.

Slideshow: How Starbucks Taps 7 Tech Trends
How Starbucks Blends Marketing And Tech Member Content

Badly Programmed Apps Costing IT More
Cast Software's analysis of 365 million lines of code shows hurry-up development passes along problems to enterprise IT.

Kindle Fire: Major Software Update Soon
Amazon says the patch will resolve customers' gripes about performance and privacy on the hot-selling tablet.

Dell Resellers Pitch EHRs To Physicians
Computer maker partners with value-added resellers on electronic health record hardware, software, and services for small medical practices.

HP Blows Through Final TouchPad Stock On eBay
HP sold the last of its TouchPad tablet stock through a firesale that nearly broke eBay. Was demand sparked by HP's open sourcing of webOS?

Microsoft, GE Tackle Healthcare Analytics, Data Aggregation
Joint venture will market an open source technology platform and develop applications that focus on interoperability and advanced analytics.

Database Security's Biggest Problem: People
Many database security projects arrive DOA because database administrators and security pros aren't singing the same tune.

An idea not coupled with action will never get any bigger than the brain cell it occupied. -- Arnold H. Glasow


Microsoft, GE Tackle Healthcare Analytics, Data Aggregation
Database Security's Biggest Problem: People
The Antisocial Network
Spam: Protect Against Evolving Threats
Apple Grand Central Store: Quick Tour
Evaluation Guide for Cloud ERP
Attend Enterprise Connect

Posted By ANON12440:
"Adoption will take off when native apps from McKesson, Epic and others are available instead of using Windows apps (designed for keyboard and mouse, not touch) through remote display technology..."
In reply to: "Apple Capitalizes On Doctors' iPad Romance"
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Posted By BHarrison:
"So what happens to 'the cloud' in the event of a hurricane, earthquake or other natural disaster that takes down the WAN...and how long might that disruption last?"
In reply to: "Microsoft Office, Enjoy Your Retirement"
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  Digital Issue  
This Edition: The Disaster Recovery Disaster: IT's spending as much as ever on DR, despite advances in virtualization and cloud techniques. It's time to break free.

Also: DR in the cloud? First, lose the tape.

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The Antisocial Network
Is your company antisocial? Our latest research shows that business-oriented social networking platforms aren't living up to their promises of better communication, collaboration and productivity.
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Featured Report
Database Breaches: Lessons Learned From Real-World Attacks
In this new Tech Center report, we profile five database breaches--and extract the lessons to be learned from each. Plus: A rundown of six technologies to reduce your risk.
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Featured Report


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Spam: Protect Against Evolving Threats
The very best anti-spam solutions today deliver 95% effectiveness. Unfortunately, that's not good enough. To defeat spam, enterprises need a holistic approach. Learn about evolving spam threats and the technology required to close the 5% gap in defenses.
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Flexibility or Death: Choosing a BI Platform that can help you thrive
Flexibility and "agility" are mandatory to maintain market competitiveness and to ensure long term viability. In fact, companies that implement agile budgeting and forecasting models on average are more profitable and have larger market shares than their competitors who don't. Learn what the challenges and benefits of agile budgeting are - and how choosing the right business intelligence platform can help you achieve the goal of a more agile, more responsive - and ultimately more profitable - business.
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Apple Grand Central Store: Quick Tour
Apple's latest retail outlet will pitch products like the iPad 2, iPhone 4S, and MacBook Air to commuters at one of the world's busiest transportation hubs. Check out our visual tour.

10 Essential Cloud Apps For SMBs
Online tools let you get going fast and pay as you go, two factors that appeal especially to SMBs. From productivity to analytics, these 10 apps deserve your attention.

10 Epic Android Apps
Among the hundreds of thousands of Android apps, we've rounded up 10 epic, must-have choices. These apps will save your bacon, day in and day out.

7 Health Education Tools For Patients
Patients can benefit by getting a variety of healthcare information electronically--as these seven options prove. The tools also help healthcare organizations comply with the HITECH Act Meaningful Use requirements.

5 Cloud Lessons Learned From Finance Industry Gurus
The advantages of private clouds and the lack of good IT talent gets Boston members of the Wall Street Technology Association talking.


12 EHR Vendors That Stand Out
With the federal incentive program for electronic health records well underway, hundreds of companies are selling EHRs. InformationWeek Healthcare has cut through the noise and identified a dozen vendors worth watching. View Now

Apple Grand Central Store: Quick Tour
10 Silliest Tech Company Names Of 2011


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Former Hacker: Software Should Be More Secure
Charlie Miller, a former hacker turned information security consultant, spoke at the recent conference on cyber conflict held by the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence.   Watch

Keynote Panel: Pushing the Limits of the Consumerization of IT
Keynote: Sandy Carter, IBM



Evaluation Guide for Cloud ERP
Join this webinar to hear from the real experts -- the IT and finance executives who have implemented ERP in the cloud. Learn how they dealt with old systems and challenges, understand their evaluation process and the questions they asked, and hear how their deployments are today. It happens December 15. More Information & Registration

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