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Web 2.0 Summit: Bing Wins Facebook, Twitter Partnerships

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TOP STORY: Web 2.0 Summit: Bing Wins Facebook, Twitter Partnerships

MORE NEWS: Web 2.0 Summit: GE Introduces Handheld Ultrasound Device

ANALYTIC REPORT: Alternative IT: Software's New Reality

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BLOG: Web 2.0 Summit: Twitter CEO Zips Beak On Revenue Model

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 Thursday, October 22, 2009 



"The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who cannot read them."
-- Mark Twain 


Web 2.0 Summit: Bing Wins Facebook, Twitter Partnerships

In a blow to Google, Microsoft has secured search deals with Facebook and Twitter.


Web 2.0 Summit: Morgan Stanley Sees Tech Rebound

Web 2.0 Summit: PayPal's Platform Plans

Web 2.0 Summit: Comcast Dismisses Cord Cutters

Web 2.0 Summit TV Live


Web 2.0 Summit: GE Introduces Handheld Ultrasound Device

CEO Jeff Immelt showed off a forthcoming medical device called Vscan that promises to shake up the world of medical imaging.

LTE For PCs Near, Handsets Lagging

The first five years of Long-Term Evolution deployment will focus on PC data cards, says a market research firm.

MetroPCS Gets Windows Mobile Smartphone

The Samsung Code could be popular with businesses that want mobility without long-term contracts.

Secret Service To Revamp Ailing IT Sytems

In an effort to avoid 'mission failure,' the agency plans to deploy new storage systems, virtualize servers, modernize databases, and expand mobile and wireless capabilities.

Barnes & Noble E-Reader Puts Heat On Amazon

The Nook is now the e-reader to beat, but analysts say Amazon won't relinquish the Kindle's market share easily.

RIM Eyes WebKit Browser

The BlackBerry maker is seeking WebKit developers to create a browser on par with iPhone, Android, and webOS handsets.

Health IT Metrics Taking Shape

The U.S. will release a preliminary definition of "meaningful use"-- a key criterion for healthcare IT providers seeking federal stimulus funding -- in December.

Handsets Boost LG Earnings

The BlackBerry maker is seeking WebKit developers to create a browser on par with iPhone, Android, and webOS handsets.

RIM Intros BlackBerry Bold 9700

The smartphone adds a stronger processor, a beefier camera, and Wi-Fi calling capabilities with T-Mobile.

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Alternative IT: Software's New Reality

CIOs are more receptive than ever to new software models - and not because they're trendy.

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10 Steps To Effective Data Classification

In this edition of the InformationWeek Informed CIO series, we reveal how to keep your classification initiative on track.

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Transaction Performance Monitoring

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7 Truths of IT Governance

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Featured BloggerWeb 2.0 Summit: Twitter CEO Zips Beak On Revenue Model

Posted by Fritz Nelson

At the Web 2.0 Summit this week, Evan Williams, CEO of the ever-popular Twitter, danced lithely around the question of his company's future revenue model -- a question that continues to dog the industry, but doesn't seem to faze Williams much at all. (Video clip included.)


Should Your Enterprise Network Be An Internet Hot Spot?

Posted by Alexander Wolfe

Thursday's Windows 7 consumer launch finds me wondering about a seemingly radical idea suggested by a chief technology officer. Namely, enterprises should open up their networks, effectively turning them, as far as users are concerned, into Internet hot spots. The emergence of both cloud computing and Windows 7 could push this forward, though one will be able to argue that this is simply conventional networks in hot-spot clothing.

Understanding Hard Drive Performance

Posted By George Crump

In the last performance entries we discussed understanding storage bandwidth and understanding storage controllers. Next up is to understand the performance characteristics of the hard drive itself and how the mechanical hard drive can be the performance bottleneck.

A 'Bill Of Rights' For SaaS Customers

Posted By Mary Hayes Weier

Analyst R "Ray" Wang is a tireless and well-respected customer advocate in the world of enterprise software. Now Wang is bringing his advocacy over to the SaaS side with his recently published "Customer Bill of Rights" for SaaS. I share with you some of the highlights.


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Image Gallery: DIY Linux With SUSE Studio

All you need to create your own SUSE-based Linux distros is a web browser that runs Flash, a decently fast Internet connection, and some working knowledge of Linux.

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